Tuesday, June 2, 2009

La Ceinture

If you go to Etsy and you type the word "Paris" into the search box, you will get a lot of dreck. A lot. Believe me, there is no shortage of cheap, brow-furrowing, WTH?-inspiring plastic & base metal trinketage out there for you to blow your hard-earned centimes on.

But. There are also some really, really nice things.

Comme ├ža:

La ceinture de Paris! How marvelous is that?? This is from an Etsy shop called Bare Tree Apparel, which has some very, very cool stuff in it. It's mostly hats, t-shirts, and belts. The designs are beautiful and clever, and the goods are extremely high quality.

I found this shop a while back while I was looking for a gift for a friend's birthday. When I saw this belt my jaw fell open and I knew it was the perfect thing for her. Also, it was the perfect thing for me! Alas, there was only one of them available, so after a brief struggle with my conscience I contented myself with this t-shirt,

(Charmant, non? Click photo for link).

ordered the belt for my friend, and then pestered Saul, the designer and artisan at Bare Tree, mercilessly until he made me another one. (This Paris-o-phile fashionista will not be denied!!) The great thing about belts like this is that they are infinitely adjustable -- I can wear it with all my jeans, no matter where the waist falls. Best of all? SO not expensive, this stuff.

My friend loved her belt, and I love mine, and so all's right with the world. Mind you, I'm no Thumbelina as far as working the belts goes, but I must say that I get a major thrill threading this one through my loops. So thanks, Saul! And the rest of you -- go check out Bare Tree!

Photos: Style Spy, Bare Tree Apparel

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