Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Listening to Polonius

To tell the truth, it doesn't look like all that much on the hanger.

But I had a feeling. I found it in Barney's the same day I bought my beautiful yellow Philip Lim top, and while it wasn't what I was out looking for that day, I went with my gut and tried it on. So glad I did.

(pics will get bigger if you click them)

Some things are just perfect. This is a simple dress -- just a little sleeveless, scoop-necked nothing with vertical tucks all around the waist and a bit of a gather in the skirt. But when I looked at myself wearing it what I saw on my face was a mixture of consternation and deep satisfaction. Consternation because this was money I hadn't planned on spending that day, but satisfaction because it was going to be money very well spent. Denim Guru Broc came in to take a look and we stood there nodding in silent agreement at my reflection. I kinda had to have this dress. It was like they made it for me.

It's Theory, and it was way on sale (which is the only way I'll buy Theory -- I like their stuff, but not as much as they do) so it wasn't even terribly spendy. It's a rayon blend with a tiny bit of sheen to it -- not dressy but I can make it dressy. It's good with flats, but when I wore it into the closet the Gucci Floras started singing for attention and they were right to, they're perfect with it.

I (over)pride myself on my Fashionista status. I like to be all cutting-edge and challenging and avant & whatnot as far as clothes go. I love the wild & the whacked-out; the high-concept stuff is fun for me. I can pull off the big crazy things if I want to, no problem, but honestly, this is what suits me best. Sometimes, simple is the way to go. Sometimes the low-design item is the one that really lets you shine, and we all need to remember that our clothes are just the frame -- we are the picture.

So I love my little purple dress. Don't worry, there will always be things in my closet that cause my friends to scratch their heads, but this? No head-scratching needed. This is perfectly me, and perfect.

Costly thy habit as thy purse can buy,
But not expressed in fancy; rich not gaudy.
For the apparel oft proclaims the man...

This above all, to thine own self be true...

Hamlet, I:3

Images: Style Spy

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vee said...

WOW. That is sexy and sophisticated, and the look on your face just exudes confidence. You are clearly very happy in this dress, and you should be. You look AMAZING.

Deja Pseu said...

That dress fits like it was made for you! Excellent choice; you'll wear this lots, I'll bet.

dana said...

Sometimes, simple leaves us room for other things in our lives. I know fashion's not all I have going on, and I'm sure it's the same for you. And, knockout color for that red hair!!!

Marsi said...

Perfect dress! I love your sale finds.

StyleSpy said...

vee-- isn't it amazing how a little piece of cloth can make a person feel so good?

Deja -- I think so, too. It's so simple to throw on, besides being pretty.

Dana -- yes, goodness knows, there's more going on than I'd like sometimes!

Marsi -- they're all sale finds with me, baby! I'm allergic to full-price!

Thanks to all for your compliments! I feel like I was fishing for them a bit, but they are certainly appreciated nonetheless.

Claudia said...

That fits you so well! And I love that it makes you pretty & happy enough to be smirking just a little in that photo. I hope you know I mean that in an entirely, entirely good way :)

Bonjour Madame said...

This fits you perfectly and the color looks good on you too. I like it a lot.

Duchesse said...

I like this dress very much on you, but then I veer toward simple and sophisticated clothes. I'm glad you bought it!

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

WOW! You look SO AMAZING (of course, you always look amazing, but STILL. WOW).

I completely get that dual look/feeling of consternation and satisfaction. I get that WAY TOO MUCH, and somehow I can't resist when the fit is "just right" (to quote Goldilocks, who was a genius).

The Haute-Shopper said...

Great post. I love the way you described you style and how simple does work best. I completely agree... I think a simple outfit isn't just versatile but lets your personality shine. Often the wackier outfits tend to wear the person, not the other way round (though many, yourself included use it as a reflection of their inner self).

Lovely dress and it looks fabulous on you. I do agree that Theory is definitely better bought in a sale or in places like Loehmanns.