Friday, June 5, 2009

What's On My Mind

My Inspiration Board, as of June 4, 2009:

(click photo for a larger view)

Anything on there ring your bells, too? What's inspiring you these days?

Have a great weekend, everyone!!

Image: Style Spy

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Claudia said...

ooh, top right, top right, that lovely blue bag.

Can I say how much I love the fact that you have an inspiration board???


The Haute-Shopper said...

Great inspiration board! I'm still inspired by summery dresses and anything light and airy. I love black and fall collections, but I'm trying to channel the warmer weather, because it will be cold and gloomy again before I know it!

dana said...

Queen Michelle of Kingdom of Style. I have neither the legs nor the looks to pull off her look, but I can always be inspired!

sisty said...

An inspiration board -- how inspiring! Love the short dark hair on the woman all the way to the right. Is she someone I should recognize? Looks like Ines de la Fressange a little bit, but pic is too small to see.

StyleSpy said...

C -- I'm really into that duffle shape right now.

HC -- It's summer here pretty much year 'round, so I should have more lightweight stuff, but my tastes run to the other, I guess.

Dana -- Michelle is adorable, and her blog is such fun.

sisty -- she's just some random model, I think, but you're right, very Ines-esque. I love her hair, too.

vee said...

I have a lightweight pair of summer pants I got YEARS ago, and I am inspired to rip them apart to make a pattern and make about 5 more pairs, because they are the best things on the planet.

I'm also really digging on Tagua nut, and this fantastic kiwi green necklace I found made out of it. I want everything I own to be in that color. Mostly I just WANT THAT NECKLACE. Maybe it's become more of an obsession than an inspiration?

And I'm also with Style Spy - I adore knee high black boots.

StyleSpy said...

Vee -- It's not just knee-high black boots, it's knee-high black patent boots. Still wanting some, dangit. Also, sweetie, maybe just get that necklace. It's obviously tormenting you.