Monday, June 8, 2009

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Thought you might like an update on what our drawing winner Marsi did with her loot.

She went with a gift certificate from here:

Bare Necessities

and she bought this:

Hot-CHA! Atta girl, Marsi!

(That picture is not Marsi, by the way. I was going to ask for a picture of her in whatever goodie she used her GC for, but I let her off the hook. This is not That Kind of Blog. However, Marsi, if you'd like to send in a review of the bra & let us know how you like it, that'd be great. It's all grist for the mill here at Style Spy Central, and there is no such thing as too much bra knowledge, as most women will attest.)

I have to say, I am delighted to have supported (HAH!) this purchase. Not only do I firmly believe in the necessity of a good bra, I also firmly believe that a good bra that's pretty and makes you feel gorgeous & sexy underneath your clothes -- well, that's darned near Nirvana. And that really is a beautiful bra. So I applaud you, Marsi!! Well-shopped!

In that spirit, I thought I'd show you some other winners they have currently at the Bare Necessities site. Take a moment & do a mental inventory of your bra collection. Are you set? Or are you depending on the same old threadbare, stretched-out sad sacks you've been wearing for three years? 'Cause here's a hint: bras aren't meant to last three years. They're not like pencil skirts or wrap dresses -- you don't buy that one classic and expect to wear it for the next ten years. Every bra, no matter how wonderful or expensive, sadly, has a life expectancy. Ignore it at your (and your silhouette's) peril.

Herewith, some inspiration to make sure yours are up to date. All except the last two are on sale at Bare Necessities -- you can click on the photos or hypertext for links.

Love this pretty color and the satin trim.

I've had good luck with Calvin Klein bras -- they fit well, they wear well, and they're reasonably priced.

Calvin Klein Danube Underwire Bra

And sometimes they're sexy, too!

I see a lot of bras for larger cup sizes that are... well, geriatric-looking, frankly. (Also, really, really pointy. What is up with that? I thought we didn't do that cone thing anymore...) This one goes to an H-cup, is more than 50% off, is also available in black, and is gorgeous. (Note: this bra comes in UK sizes, make sure you check the conversion chart before you order.)

OnGossamer Calypso Garden Bump It Up Push-up Bra

I have this bra in a few different colors. Theoretically, if you twist the center knot further it increases the push-up effect. I haven't bothered to try that since the bra fits me so well just as it is, but it's an intriguing idea.

Wacol is my favorite brand of bra. This is a great everyday bra, but still really pretty.

I also have & love this bra, which is a great style for someone like me who is small-busted with wide-set breasts. Doesn't hurt that on top of fitting so well, it's dead sexy.

This is my go-to bra, my very favorite in a drawer full of good options. (I am a slightly compulsive bra-buyer, due to wearing a difficult-to-find size. If it fits, I tend to buy multiples. Which is not a bad idea for anyone, honestly, no matter what your size. I think I have four or five of these now.) The Wacoal nude matches my skin tone almost exactly, it does not show under even a sheer white blouse, and this is the most comfortable bra I own. It's darned near perfect.

This looks like the non-petite version of my bra, and if it's anywhere as good it's worth checking out.

So there you are! A handful of great-looking support mechanisms, most available at discounted prices. You now have no excuses for wearing a less-than-stellar bra. So, go! Shop!!

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Marsi said...

They have so many gorgeous bras. I had several in my "shopping bag" before I stumbled across that scrumptious bra I ended up purchasing. The straps just did me in! Can't wait to get it -- thanks again! And thanks, too, for the glorious goodie box that came my way over the weekend. You are a peach!