Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Want Monsters Sings "God Save the Queen"

I am obsessed with this jacket. Obsessed, obsessed, obsessed!!! Argh!


It's from Topshop, which is part of the problem. Topshop does great fast fashion, but the quality isn't of the highest. I know that the whole fast fashion thing emphasizes the "fast" bit -- we're not talking about investment clothing here, but still... After I paid for the thing and had it shipped here, I'm probably looking at 150 bucks. Certainly not a mint, but do I really want to spend a day in Paris on a jacket that I might not be able to wear for more than a year or two? I mean, look at it -- it's not even lined.

To which many will respond, "Style Spy! Be realistic! If you only spend $150 on a jacket, of course you can only expect to wear it for a year or two!" To which yours truly replies in turn, "Not if you're a bargain shopper like me." See, I have a gorgeous vermilion-red velvet Alexander McQueen blazer that I -- unbelievably -- got on sale for just a little more than what this one would cost and you can bet your sweet Miuccia I plan on wearing that for more than two years.

So probably I've answered my own question here, but still... I waaaaaaaant it. There are some things in my wardrobe I would very much like to top off with that jacket. I don't exactly know why, but it's really speaking to me.

I think some of it is leftover want for these:

These are McQueen and they were insanely expensive even on sale and I would never, EVER buy a pair of McQueen's shoes without trying them on first because as much as I love my boy Lee, every item of footwear from his label that I've ever pushed my little toesies into has caused me to swear under my breath and remove them quickly. Not. Comfy. And I have a pretty high Footwear Discomfort Threshold, as we know. But they certainly were cool. Even cooler were these:

An all-black version. Those were so cool they made my eyes water and my hands twitch. Good googly-moogly, that is some Good Boot.

But. I cannot have the boots. So I seem to have transferred my desires onto the jacket. Three out of four of my trusted Fashion Opinion Posse gave it the thumbs up, although one says it's too costume-y.

What do you think? Tell me! For god's sake, talk me down!!!

Perhaps I can just be contented with something like this:

Perhaps, she said nonchalantly, one of my friends in the UK could be persuaded to keep an eye peeled for something like this for their pal Style Spy... I like the all-over Union Jack that takes up the whole shirt, rather than a smaller one that's pasted on the middle of the shirt. I do find the British flag really compelling, design-wise. It's an awfully good graphic.

So that's that, then. No Union Jacket for me. The ol' Want Monster needs to shove off & go have a pint at the pub. Unless, of course, my readers talk me into it...


Updated to add -- this is the velvet McQueen blazer I mentioned. I'm a little worried that I'm going to disappoint some folks who are no doubt expecting some design extravaganza, but here it is anyway. Just a beautifully-constructed, ruby-red cotton & silk velvet blazer.

Here it is on. You can see how the waist is emphasized when I'm wearing it -- it's such a well-shaped jacket.

It's a teensy bit big on me now, but of course I usually wear more underneath it than the tank top shown here.

There ya go, kids!

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dana said...

Oooooh, that's a toughie, when the monster gets going.

The jacket -- I'm still looking for the perfect cotton unlined jacket for summer. That one is way cool.

But two words: Baby Spice.

Still, the Union Jack graphic is cool. I think it works better in the jacket than in the shoes, because it's broken up and abstracted a little. The unbroken graphic = Baby Spice.

I recently gave in to my want monster and bought a necklace from Star of the East on Etsy, which I found way back when you tipped me off. Should be here in two weeks or so!

Still need cotton unlined summer jacket in not-black. Grrrr.

rosarita said...

Dear Ms Style Spy,

Honey, no. I love your blog and because of that I know how badly you want to return to Paris. This jacket is very cool but also over the top trendy, and I think you would suffer buyer's remorse. Don't even think about the top, you wouldn't be happy with it. I know I sound tough, but that monster responds best to the hard truth. xxoo

WendyB said...

Please show the old McQueen jacket!

Anonymous said...

Save the $150 and buy the union jack boots. That's my twisted logic.

I would kill for those boots. I've stopped looking for them and I hope they're all gone.

I want to see the old Aleander McQueen jacket too.

I know, I've been soooo helpful.


Duchesse said...

Ask yourself how you would feel in Britain to see some chickie, above age seven, in a vast American flag jacket.

StyleSpy said...

Dana -- Looking forward to hearing about/seeing your Etsy necklace!

rosarita -- Yes. Paris is more important. Must keep reminding myself.

WendyB -- Your wish...

Christine -- I don't think I could find the boots anymore even if I wanted to. Glad someone else felt the same Boot Lust as me!

Duchesse -- I can honestly say that wouldn't bother me in the least. It would probably tickle me, actually, to know people were feeling good enough about us again to sport our symbols.

Tanya said...

The only thing that comes to mind are the boxer-shorts I bought for my husband last year - Union Jack of course! I'd post a picture but I like you too much... (really cute though)

Go to Paris, that's my advice :)

dana said...

ok, supposing one finds a nice linen jacket on Topshop, if one is an 8-10 US and somewhat busty, would you go with a US Topshop 8 or 10, i.e., does their stuff run big or small?

(must stop spending money. must. stop.)

dana said...

Oh. And Love the Red Velvet Jacket!! I love it when redheads wear red/pink!

Style Scientist said...

I would get that jacket in a heartbeat! It looks so cool! I don't even care that it's unlined...LOL...

BTW, thank you for stopping by and leaving lovely comments on my blog.

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

I love you, but I'm another big NO. For $50, fine. But triple that? I bet you'd find something far lovelier in Paris (oooh, think of that!). I think the thing that's got my goat is the lack of lining. Geez. For $150, you'd better get lining!