Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Brunch with Maman

This past Sunday I took my mom out for a belated Mothers' Day brunch (last week was trop folle). Not to turn this blog into "All About Style Spy," but I was really pleased with the outfit I wore, which featured a new jacket I picked up on sale this weekend.

(I am pleased, I swear, even though I don't look it...)

Off-white wide-legged trousers from 3.1 Philip Lim, red velvet round-toed pumps from Bettye Muller, scarf from Hermès, brown drape-neck tissue-weight T from Gap, and off-white cotton piqué cap-sleeved jacket from -- wait for it -- Banana Republic.

I. Am. Insane. For this jacket. Ya know, I cruise through BR fairly regularly, looking for sales on their basics (their woven blouses are my reasonably-priced button-front shirt of choice), but often when I'm scrounging through the sale stuff I'll see something that I never noticed before. I don't know if it's because there's so dingdong much stuff in there that you can't see it all, or if perhaps it's something a customer bought online or at a different store & returned there (because if you're a regular shopper at BR you know the frustrating fact is that not every store carries exactly the same stuff -- not even every store in the same town carries exactly the same stuff) or what. But. This thing practically dove off the rack into my arms and I seriously gasped out loud when I saw it.

(Yes, I'm wearing two belts. Just because I felt like it, okay?)

Sooooooooo cute. The seaming is amazing -- the sleeve is something like four different pieces, and the back is just gorgeous. It's kind of shockingly well-made for something that started out at just $150. Honestly, if I didn't know better and you told me this was Narciso I'd have no trouble believing it. There's a guy called Simon Kneen who's been the creative director for BR since last year, and he is certainly bringing his A-game. While he's probably not likely to supplant Miuccia and Stefano on my list of favorite designers, I honestly think that BR has hands-down the best design available in the American mass market. There is some really great stuff going on over there.

(If you click these photos, they should get bigger.)

These trousers, also, are some of my very favorites. I love pretty much everything Philip Lim touches, including his toothbrush and his elevator buttons, and these slacks, I'm pretty sure, have magical properties. They are Instantly Sophisticating -- as soon as I put them on, I'm that much closer to being the fabulous, worldly, urbane Heroine of Fashion that I aspire to be. They are really wonderful. They swing when I walk. Trés, trés Kate H.

All right. No more "Look At Me" posts this week, I promise. What are you wearing today? Anything that makes you feel as good as I felt in this? I sure hope so.

Photos: Style Spy

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Fab50Plus said...

Wonderful outfit that accomplishes the almost impossible - to be chic and comfortable! (It certainly looks comfortable!)

Well done!

Deja Pseu said...

The thing about BR, when they're on, they're ON. When they're not...meh.

I just picked up a lovely granite grey silky, swingy rayon 3/4 sleeve sweater on sale there last week. Very simple, but with gathers dropping from the back yoke, a nice touch, and it set me back all of $25. A nice little summer sweater that goes with practically everything and I know I'll wear it like crazy.

Deja Pseu said...

LOVE that jacket on you, BTW. Great ensemble!

vee said...

I like your "look at me" posts. I think you should do more of them!

Belle de Ville said...

OK, always the contrarian...I don't like that outfit on you. You have the most rocking figure and I don't think that the jacket and pants show it off appropriately.
Just my 2 cents

materfamilias said...

Please don't apologize for the "what Style Spy wore" posts -- I love them!
I don't know what I'd do without BR -- the tricky part, though, at least imo, is trying to decide when to wait for the price to drop and when to suck it up and buy right away. Frustrating to find something I paid $180 for on the sale rack for $65, but worse to come back and find out that my waiting game means my size is completely sold out except in orange (can't. wear. orange!)

StyleSpy said...

Fab -- thank you! And yes, very comfie. I could seriously sleep in those pants.

Deja -- Yeah, BR is like that friend you have who is fun to hang out with depending on her mood. But we keep going back, don't we?

vee -- thank, sweetie. I may. I like showing off my duds, but I'm not always comfortable getting my supermodel on. Nothing so awkward as trying to take a flattering photo of yourself!

StyleSpy said...

Belle -- well, first off, I'm unlikely to quibble overmuch with any comment featuring the phrase, "you have the most rocking figure"! Merci! And you're right, those pants honestly could be a size smaller, but they didn't have them in a size smaller, so I went with them.

Mater -- yeah. Sale regret. That's the worst. The upside of BR is that if you trot over to the counter & ask them to find the thing in your size/color, they might be able to, since they are the super-gigantic mega-colossal retail entity and have nine squillion other places that might have said item. They will ship stuff from other stores to a customer.

JTri's said...

My problem with BR is that often their clothing doesn't quite fit me correctly, the fit will be close, and yet not perfectly comfortable, sizing up means it's comfortable, but too big. Their dresses especially are a problem, and I love dresses.

Tuesdays I get up super early to swim and go to the office from the pool, so it nearly always a dress day. Pants and shirt are just too much to deal with the night before when I am stuffing everything into my car. Today I am wearing a black kimono style dress, that I get endless compliments on. The way it comes in close under my bust and then swings out is flattering on nearly every figure. I do wish it was alittle shorter, but apparently not enough to go get it shortened.

StyleSpy said...

JTris -- that dress sounds like the sort of thing you wish you had in every color, and a good animal print besides. Love those pieces.

Chris said...

That's my BR shopping style - hit the clearance in the back. I always find the most unique (and well priced) items there anyway!

I have been looking at what to do with short sleeve jackets so your post came at perfect time - love how you styled it. Keep the What Style Spy Wore posts a comin' thanks.

StyleSpy said...

Chris -- I've scored a couple of short-sleeved jackets & cardigans over the last year or so and I absolutely love them. Had you asked me a few years ago about a short-sleeved jacket I would have told you that was a nonsensical idea. Turns out they make perfect sense!

Joann said...

I am living vicariously through you and your wonderul fashion escapdes. Right now I am wearing a red sweatshirt that says Brooklyn and orange t-shirt and levis....scary huh, oh and flip-flops. Ahh , perfection!!!

PS.. I need help!!

StyleSpy said...

Joann -- Don't think I never wear sweatshirts, girlie..