Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Made To Be Broken


Am re-thinking my No Gray Rule. Because of this gorgeous thing....

Yeah. How fantastic is that jacket? Damned fantastic, is the answer to that. There is nothing about that that is not wonderful -- it's just so chic and YSL-ish and I could wear it forever. And if that's not enough, check this out --

::sigh:: Gorgeous vest. I'm still having a major vest moment -- along with the short-sleeved jacket thing that's possessed me of late, it's my favorite way of layering.

These beautiful things (admit it, your jaw dropped open when you saw that jacket) were made by the beautiful Vera. If you click on the photos they will take you to her Etsy site. Here's a link to her blog, Deep in Vogue.

Vera is a designer who models her own clothes (don't hate her because she's beautiful -- she's really very sweet) and has a dreamy, gentle take on the world that's a joy to read.

My first exposure to Vera's work was this:

This is the shockingly chic Thumbelina Fashionista (You don't read her blog? Why not? Tune in and be inspired by the way this woman can work a belt -- she deserves a black belt in... um, well, you get my drift.) modeling Vera's Mummy Dress. I am mighty, mighty intrigued by this dress. I can really see myself in this dress. I am thinking hard about buying this dress. Here's Vera wearing hers.

See? It's thinking I might look like that that makes me want the dingdong dress!

But back to the jacket, which is the most likely item of Vera's that I'd be scooping up... I don't wear gray, especially not that mid-tone gray which is exactly what the jacket is, because I look absolutely awful in it. I can pull off a very dark charcoal bordering on black, but mid-range gray makes me look... gray. Corpse-like, even. Ooooooon the other hand, it is a jacket. I'd be wearing stuff underneath it, and it would certainly be wonderful over a vibrant red or purple (or yellow) top. Also, the price is beyond reasonable. I don't want to give Vera ideas, but good googly-moogly, that's a bargain.

So. Whaddya think? Waive my No Gray Rule? Or stick to my guns?

Photos: Deep In Vogue, Thumbelina Fashionista

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vee said...

OK, I know a little something about the handmade world, being the Editor-in-Chief of Handmadenews.org shameless plug), and Etsy and Artfire artisans will almost always make an item to your specifications. Get her to make you one in a shade that won't look like you're starring in a Wes Craven movie.

It's win/win!

You might have to pay just a little more for a custom order, but handmade goods are usually ridiculously low priced to begin with.

Claudia said...

Waive it, waive it! That's a freakishly good looking jacket. And yeah, with a colour underneath? Perfect! (I vote for purple). I don't look at all good in that mid grey, but with something else, it's invaluable. You need this!

Belle de Ville said...

Forget the gray jacket....I want her hair!

dana said...

how can gorgeous red hair not look good with grey?

Miss Janey said...

Every rule is made to be broken. In this case, these items make it worth it.

Frances said...

Try it! You wear loads of things that I would never consider, but you make it work. I'm sure you'll find a way to make it work too. Plus, it's a gorgeous jacket.


WendyB said...

Rules are made to be broken. Plus gray is hot! http://wbjewelry.blogspot.com/2009/05/ebay-pick-of-day-ossie-clark-sweater.html

So go for it.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading her blog--Austria, Bulgaria...Idaho? Interesting!

One thing, though. She only sells these clothing in her own size-- small or extra small. That's all. Guess that leaves me out :(