Friday, May 29, 2009

Fair Trade In the Shade

Oh, would you just look at this gorgeous woman!

Her name is Carry Sommers and the photo above is by the adorable Polka Dot (click on it to link to her wonderful blog). Carry is a friend of PD's and founded Pachacuti, which is a company that sponsors cooperatives of artists in South America and imports their goods into the UK. And they have some really fantastic stuff. There is some actually attractive knitwear and clothing. I have to be honest here -- usually when I hear "Fair Trade" and "sustainable" and words like that attached to fashion, my eyes glaze over a bit because I figure I'm going to be presented with a raft of those hooded, rainbow-striped pullovers that every hacky-sack-playing, dreadlocked, Teva'd slacker college student wears as part of his uniform. Which are all well & good, I suppose, but very much Not My Thing.

Anyhoo, the things at Pachcuti are shippable to the States, very reasonably priced, and will probably make you feel a wee bit better about your retail impulses because of its Fair Trade status. Everybody wins!

Their specialty seems to be hats, and Style Spy is all about a good hat. These are all handmade and the profits from them go directly to the people who make them. And? Gorgeous. Just gorgeous. (Click photos for links.)

This hat is rollable -- yes, rollable! You can toll it up and tuck it into your suitcase and not destroy it! Genius!!

This one's rollable, too!

I am NUTS for this. What a good-looking hat. Man, could I rock that hat...

Look at the brim! Too cool!!!

I don't know what it's like where you live, but where I live it's summer already. Hats are important for the utilitarian purpose of keeping your face & neck shaded, and if you can accomplish that and still look this stylish, you're golden. So order one of these beauties and relax.

Ooh, you know what really looks good with a hat like this? A gin & tonic...

Don't forget to help out with Style Spy's World Fashion Domination challenge! Click here to find out how you can become eligible for a gift certificate!

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teteatete said...

Oh, those are wonderful. I've always liked hats--I think they look really nice on me. I often lament that no one really wears hats (unless it's some sort of affectation at a horse race) anymore (at least around here in the DC area. I haven't spent much time in TX). I'm 25, and I'd love to be able to pull off a hatted look, even when no one else is wearing them, but not sure what style I should go for. Wide-brim or no? Also, I want hats to come back just so people can start saying "millinery" more often!

vee said...

I just want you to know how much I appreciate posts like this. It is so important that the world learn that we can be fashionable and earth/economy friendly!

Unfortunately, I am not a hat person. They're cute, but I have a round face and have never found a hat that didn't exacerbate that problem. But my mom can really rock hats. I'm thinking one of those babies might be right up her alley.

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

I'm not a hat gal, but these are COOL! Great post.

Bonjour Madame said...

I always think people that wear hats have so much style and guts. There is a blog called fashion for nerds and the owner of that blog makes her own hats, they are really cool.

I wanted to let you know I posted about your blog in mine to add to your style spy world domination goal! Love your blog!


Corporate America said...

Lov, Love, Love the rollable hat. Alas, when I click on it, they are sold out of the one I like. Hmmm....the universe saving my pennies for me?