Sunday, May 17, 2009

Saturday Jazz

Out to hear some music with some friends Saturday night, and this is what it looked like.

Linen lamé bermudas (!!) from J. Crew, black cotton blouse from Martin + Osa, Miu Miu patent mary janes.

Vintage milk glass & rhinestone necklace, lucite ring from Alexis Bittar, cufflinks from my Pap-Pap G. It was, thanks to a cold front that rolled through this weekend, actually a little chilly Saturday evening, which rarely happens in Austin at this time of year. So I threw on my Boudicca jacket.

I really don't think there's ever been anything I wore that this jacket didn't make look even better. I love this dingdong thing like a relative. (More than several of my relatives, in fact.)

And because the jewelry is so fab, it deserves a close-up...

I posted this ring on the blog a couple of years ago and raved about it and then a few weeks after that received it as a birthday present from my darling friends Ben & Mike. I have the best friends...

I found this at one of the vintage dealers in the Austin Antique Mall and I'm pretty sure I didn't pay more than $10 for it. I adore this necklace, it looks like something I would have seen at the British Museum.

Once upon a time, I had a very sniffy disdain for anything that was known as a "dressy short" or a "city short" or the idea of shorts as anything but a slovenly alternative for someone who refused to wear skirts. Ah, how that worm has turned. I've acquired lately a couple of pairs of sharply-tailored cotton bermudas from Gap, and I must admit I was wrongwrongwrong. I went from not having any nice shorts in my closet to wondering how on earth I lived without them. When I saw these in J. Crew I giggled, tried 'em on, & bought 'em. I had other plans for them on Saturday, but the aforementioned cold front brought with it a considerable amount of rain, so my shoe choices were limited and I adjusted the wardrobe accordingly. I'm looking forward to playing more with these shorts over the summer. They were available on the J. Crew website when I looked yesterday, but today as I type this post they are gone, so apparently I'm not the only one who liked them. There were several pairs in the store, however, so if you go in person you might be able to find some. A caveat -- these things "grew" quite a bit over the course of the evening -- the fabric is a fairly loose weave and it stretched out pretty quickly. The good news is that the care tag says the shorts are machine washable, which I would never have expected, but hey, I'll take it! Also, if you're the sort of person who cannot stand it when she has lap smiles, these shorts (or anything made of this sort of fabric) are not for you. I snapped those photos immediately after I put the shorts on. By the time I'd driven downtown to Eddie V's, they were good & creased. Ah, well.

So what'd you guys do this weekend? More importantly, what did you wear??

Photos: Style Spy

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sisty said...

You look great! Those long slim shorts look great on you, and the cut of the arms on that jacket is terrific.

I wore paint-splotched pants and a paint-splotched t-shirt, this weekend, because I was....

yes, you guessed it -- painting! (The kitchen, not a great work of art, I can assure you).

Deja Pseu said...

Wow, it's all fabulous! Who'dve thunk that shorts could look so chic? LOVE that ring!!!

Plumcake said...

God that jacket makes me want to die.

Saturday I had TWO fabulous ensembles. For the Mahler Resurrection Symphony I wore my black lace cocktail dress a la Prada F/W2008 and for a party after I wore my black sequins cocktail wrap dress back-to-the-front with my vintage blue and black brocade tuxedo jacket (with yellow Hermes pocket square. I'm having such a moment with that jacket, I want to wear it with everything) it didn't occur to me until the next morning I totally aped your look from that roast you went to a few months back! Mea culpa!

Duchesse said...

That is a gorgeous ring and I love how you wear it.

Claudia said...

I LOVE that outfit on you! Especially the shorts. (And the phrase 'lap smiles'. Never heard it before. like it).

This weekend I wore... my favourite jeans, and my favourite stripy 'saturday tshirt' that I look forward to wearing all week. Because I am that lame.

StyleSpy said...

sisty -- Thanks! Hope the painting went well.

Deja -- merci! I know, the whole shorts thing is really throwing me for a loop.

Plummie -- no dying. I need you. And very sorry I missed the ensembles. And how much do I love that you changed mid-evening?

Duchesse -- that thing is like the Magic Friend-Maker. Every time I wear it, people fall all over themselves to compliment me on it.

C -- I have weekend clothes, too! They're all very soft.

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

Oh my! You look so fab in this!! The silver and black combo is absolutely wicked.

Robo said...

Wow, whoda thunk shiny shorts would be so chic? Well done! The necklace = to die for.

I didn't do anything on the weekend, hence no need to dress up, BUT I totally went to the Gap last week after you posted what you bought. Complete score on the curvy jeans in two styles (bootcut and trouser) and in a size smaller than I thought I needed no less. Now I'm waiting for those "hip slung" shorts to go on sale, and I have my eye on the royal blue and hot pink ones. Those will be paired with the silver Corso Como Greer shoes being delivered tomorrow yaay!

Belle de Ville said...

I'm not gonna comment on the jewelry but I LOVE the dressy shorts, jacket and shoes! That is the perfect casual evening out outfit.