Friday, May 15, 2009

Shopportunity -- May 15

Hey! Shopping for summer sandals? I can help!
For a limited time save $25 on $100 select wedges at

Ferinstance --

Rockport Women's Lush Life Wedge Sandal

Okay, these are a little bit corny and entirely adorable. Plus they're from Rockport (really!), so they're probably super-comfie.

Nine West Women's Orsino Wedge Sandal

Oooh. This is badass. I really like this shoe. Sadly, these do not cost more than $100, so to get the discount, you will have to buy still more shoes. Darn the luck.

Matisse Women's Sabine Wedge

I think this is a terribly good-looking shoe, these would be fantastic under the great lightweight denim trouser jeans I just bought, non?

Apepazza Women's Naida Ankle Strap Wedge

If the colors are too much for you, this also comes in a neutral multi. But I lurve the color -- it is summer after all.

Ay ay ay, this is terrific!

Nine West Women's Rusty Ankle Strap Wedge

It also comes in a great neutral medium brown, but for even more fun:

Nine West - Rusty (Medium Blue Leather) - Footwear

French blue! So gorgeous!

Nine West - Rusty (Medium Green Leather) - Footwear

Fabulous green!! Irresistible!!

Nine West - Rusty (Red Leather) - Footwear

And best of all -- red!! I think I need one in every color!

(Endless has the brown, black and green versions of that shoe -- the blue & red ones seem to only be available on, but that's okay. They're my affiliate, too!) As usual, click photos for links.

On another note: unbelievably, Team Style Spy's second Kiva client received full funding on her loan about four hours after I posted her photo. You guys are amazing! I'll be posting another client sometime next week, but if before then you want to join Team Style Spy, click on the link in the top right corner of the blog. If while you're on Kiva you find someone you want to lend to and you want to count your loan toward Team Style Spy & make this our next client, let me know & I'll be happy to get the word out. In the meantime, let me thank all my wonderful, generous, gorgeous readers for helping me out on this. I've been on an absolute high all day -- that's the least work it's ever taken me to feel that good in my entire life. (Now I know why Jerry Lewis keeps doing those telethons year after year!) I'll just go ahead and say it: my blog has the best readers in the Blogosphere, hands down. I'm privileged to have you all as an audience, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

Have a great weekend, everyone!!

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dana said...

Et vous! Et re. les chausseurs Matisse: oui!

WendyB said...

I'm a wedge fanatic!

I, Goddess said...

Fabulous! Also, do you know how long it takes for the loan recipients to hear that their loan is funded? I looked on the site and couldn't find anything. It would nice to think that they've been told and are having a very good weekend.

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

I got a kick (no pun intended) out of your "accent" today. So funny.

And that's wonderful that you are able to provide so many services for your readers. Kudos to you.

deep_in_vogue said...

Thank you for your input, babe! I completely agree, the strapless version is a bit prom-like haha.

Emz said...

Perhaps I need to go shop for shoess now... Hm... Love the last choices!

Sydnie said...

I truly adore the second pair! Great choices!


Geri Wu said...

wow. nice shoes from rockport! haha i love that shoe companies like rockport are starting to make nice shoes... finally, pretty shoes that dont rip your feet apart!

xx, Geri