Monday, January 26, 2009

And Absolutely NO Calories

I really hate this commercial.

I resent like hell the implication that women are helpless, screaming fools in the face of a "dessert" item that "won't make us fat." I find it demeaning, simplistic, cliché'd, and ridiculous.

I won't say there's nothing on the planet that could get me to behave in this imbecilic manner. But it wouldn't be some stupid, chemical-laden, plasticized "cookie." It'd be this:


Good googly-moogly. For those? I would definitely run screaming into the street.


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Deja Pseu said...

Gawd, I hate that one too.

And for that same 100 calories as in those dry, tasteless, cookies, you could have a lovely piece of dark chocolate that's loaded with flavanoids as well as flavor.

Anonymous said...

I had exactly the same reaction to that moronic ad. Have you seen the one -I think it's an ad for a car- where it starts RAINING shoes, and all the women start loading up the back of their cars with them? Love that ad.

Karen G.

Duchesse said...

This ad infantalizes women.

However the shoes would render at least one woman- me- immobile, so I'd like them to make that incredible colour and those killer details in a second style I could remotely consider walking in.

Robo said...

I'd take the shoes over stupid 100 calorie packs anyday. Good lord those blue shoes are of the awesome.

Tellicherry said...

Oh dear lord, the SHRIEKING in that commercial is enough to send me over the edge. These shoes? Send me over the edge in a very good way.

Anonymous said...

Oh MY I have never actually drooled on my keyboard before seeing these ...... MINE!PLS
~~~~And I have a matching bag ,well 2 one tiny one and a big one
~~~Reason blue makes my eyes look so green LOL~~Katie