Thursday, January 15, 2009

One For Wendy B

Fabulous blogger Wendy B amuses & enlightens me on a daily basis, so this one's for her.


This is Marc Jacobs and someone (frankly, I do not care) at the screening of the film "Defiance" the other night. I run hot & cold about Marc Jacobs' work -- sometimes I really love it and sometimes I find it unbearable and honestly I feel okay with that. I vastly prefer that to someone who consistently bores me. But Jacobs himself? Seems to be a silly, silly man who has caught a particularly virulent (and nudist) strain of the self-promotion virus.

So. Not that I have to tell you this, but -- see what he's wearing? Don't wear that.


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Elaine said...

I was going to ask which one was Marc Jacobs since I don't know what he looks like this week but then I realized, it doesn't matter.

tmp00 said...

I think he's a very nice looking man, but dude, that outfit looks like something you wore to the Pyramid in say, 1986

WendyB said...

I'll take Marc Jacobs in a skirt and tights over Marc Jacobs in the nude any day of the week!