Friday, January 9, 2009

Pretty For Friday -- January 9

I believe I've introduced you to these shoes before, but it's never a bad thing to say hello to beloved old friends.

(Don't my feet look happy in these shoes? They are, I assure you.)

I don't wear these shoes very often, but when I do it feels like I'm dancing when I'm standing still. Other women swoon for these shoes, and wish they were me because I'm wearing them. I got them at the Valentino boutique at North Park Mall in Dallas, and I've never seen them anywhere else, including any online sources I could find.
But look what I found!!!!


They have them at
LUISAVIAROMA.COM, which is my newest affiliate site. They have wonderful, wonderful things on this site, and free shipping all the way from Italy!! YES!!!! The perfect red shoes are not cheap, but they are on sale. And if for some reason you don't love the red (which I would never, ever understand, but hey, it takes all kinds, I don't judge, okay, yes I do judge & that would make me think you're out of your mind, but whatever) they also have these:

which as non-red shoes go are pretty damned hot. Stunning, even.

So, go! Shop!!

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Sian said...

Ooo! Like them in the teal.

Caroline said...

I've never seen any other shoes in the world that glow like those red shoes.

Pastry Shoes said...

Those red pumps are really lovely! They're perfect for the coming Valentine's!

Anonymous said...

Was browsing the site, and look at the GORGEOUS trench I found!!|CallType=Product&prodId=L3410&des=&cat=&gender=women&group=clothing&season=sale&seasProdID=48I

This makes my chest hurt a little when I look at it.

selenabird said...

I loved these the first time you posted about I've just bought them. Oh dear.

Ramen for WEEKS.