Wednesday, January 14, 2009

On the 'Bay Again...

Here's a couple of items that are going to go on eBay soon, and once again I'm giving my readers first crack. As a special offer for blog readers, if you buy these things here I'll ship them to you for free!

Super-sassy size 9 sandals:

These are bright spring-green leather with white stitching and little blue, green, and just-barely-off-white leather flowers at the toe. They are ADORABLE, I just haven't worn them in quite some time and so I'm letting them go.

Hardly worn, as you can see. They look new, with one noticeable flaw:


Yes, that is a tiny tooth mark. From my babycat, who has an inexplicable taste for leather. Perhaps she was a saber-toothed tiger in a past life, I dunno... At any rate, it's barely noticeable. I'm asking $20.00 for these practically-new shoes.

Need a coat? You could do a lot worse than this:

This is an AK Anne Klein poly gabardine topper that I have just loved. It's the kind of thing that you can throw on over jeans & a sweater & instantly look a little less schlumpy without even trying, and also works wonderfully over dressier clothes. The fabric is really lovely and seemingly indestructible -- this coat looks brand-new even though it isn't. There is faux-leather trim on the placket, pockets, collar, and cuffs. It's lined, but it's a light- to mid-weight topcoat, not a heavy winter one. Length down the back from the collar to hem is 35". It's a size large, which I'd interpret as a 10 - 12. I LOVE this coat and am loathe to part with it, but it's just too big on me since my weight loss. For $30.00 and the promise that you'll give it a good home, it's yours.

Current evidence to the contrary, spring will eventually come, and when it does you should have this:

Absolutely wonderful white cotton eyelet Anna Sui dress, from her S/S 2005 collection. I just love this dress -- I've never worn it and not gotten a slew of compliments. It's really fun with a statement-y shoe, which keeps it from being too sweet. (I wear it with my chunky bronze YSL mary janes.)

Zips up the back.

Look at the detail on this -- it's so adorable. I hate to part with it, but it's just too big to look nice. It's a generous size 10. $40.00.

If you're interested or have any questions, please feel free to contact me & ask!

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