Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Short, Sharp, Shocked -- part deux

Okey-dokey. I lived with the new haircut for a couple of days and had decided I was going to call my stylist and make an appointment for some revisions. But then that evening I went out to celebrate a friend's birthday and there, in the bar, across a crowded room, I saw someone who made my heart beat a little faster and my breath catch. Who was it? It was this girl named Dana with the killerest haircut ever and I homed in on her like a sorority girl on a trash can full of PGA punch and got her stylist's name. This morning I paid a visit to said stylist (her name is Melody, at ZigZag Salon here in Austin, and she was a delight) and here's what I walked out with:

This is much more what I was after the first time, although I didn't really understand that.

Hilariously, when I was contemplating cropping my hair, I wondered if when it was very short it would be less curly. Hah. Apparently curly, like ugly, goes clear to the bone.

Which is part of the problem. I really like the chunk piecey-ness that shows up in the back, but it's actually pretty hard to get my hair to do that fun spiky thing because it doesn't want to spike, it wants to currrrrrl. Even the hair that's only a couple of inches long now wants to currrrrl.

I'm thinking I might go see Melody one more time for one more set of revisions. I think I might like to lose a little of the length on the top and at the front, which will be tricky because redhead likes her bangs. (And, dude! Don't try to talk me out of my bangs. You could serve dinner on my forehead, it's so high, and I am not fond of the face-like-a-hardboiled-egg look.) Also, you can't really see it in these side views, but if you look at the back view (I couldn't get a good head-on shot because of the whole using-a-camera-in-a-mirror thing), you can see there's a little more volume than necessary (I think) over the ears. I'd like to take that down and pull the silhouette of the cut down closer to my head all around.

I was a little stunned by how much hair was on the floor when Melody put away her razor and yet I still have a head
full of it. My goodness, I have gobs of hair.

So? Whaddya think? I like this much more than I did the last cut, I think it's almost exactly what I want.

The other issue I have right now is product. I left the salon with a purchase of some styling wax from American Crew, but I don't think I'm going to be able to use it. I think I need something with a wee bit more hold, but with a slightly less gunky texture than this. That's probably a pipe dream, but right now my hair feels a little... sticky. Kinda gooey. Not stiff, mind you, which is good, but not the sort of thing you want to run your fingers through, and I definitely wouldn't wrap an Hermes scarf around my head á la Grace Kelly. The other problem is the smell of this stuff -- oy! It's this incredibly potent grapefruit-y smell that I'm loathing more & more by the moment and that is completely drowning out my Tolu -- a state of affairs which is infuriating and wrong. I'm actually starting to think I may have to wash my hair before I go to bed. So does anyone have any suggestions for a good styling product that A) doesn't feel like I dunked my head in mucilage and B) doesn't smell so strongly it gives me a headache? Please share if you do.

Revised to add: the combination of the short hair and the gooey product have made for some pretty interesting bedhead this morning. I've got a full-on Heat Miser going.



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Caroline said...

Oh wow! I think it's great. So chic! Get those revisions, and I think you're going to love love love it.

Sian said...

Oh la la! Very chic, mademoiselle. Very chic.

Mary said...

Hi Aim. Very chic, very French haircut. Could only see the last pic, but it looked great. World of difference!

deb-ct said...

NOW you're talkin'--looks great!

materfamilias said...

My daughter (also a curly-haired redhead, very thick hair) got me addicted to Toni&Guy's Catwalk, Curls Rock Curls Amplifier, and nothing else works as well. It's a bit thick-sticky going on (but it's in a pump so obviously it's not as thick as some of the pomade/pastes), and a bit crunchy when first dried, but it gives a really good hold, polish, and frizz-reduction.
Your new haircut looks great!

Bekaboo said...

My sister and I both have curly hair, and when she cut it shorter she used the Aveda Self Control Hair Styling Stick. She said the stick allowed her to piece out the curls, but can get really sticky if you use too much. Antoher product my friend loves is Aveda's Control Paste. This one smooth things out, and is not sticky. You might need to play with them both and see which one best suits you. Hope that helps! Good luck and love your look!


Deja Pseu said...

YESSS!!! That's exactly what it needed. Ooh la la...très chic!!

Jo said...

Okay, first of all: This hair is PERFECT. If my hair were curlier, I would do this cut in a heartbeat. It's PERFECT.

Go 'head and touch it up if you want, but even if you don't, it's fantastic. Sophisticated, cool, everything. I've never been to France, but all the Montreal girls I know would be green with envy.

Second: Try some TIGI Manipulator. It may not be enough hold for you, but it's not stinky and it doesn't get goopy. You'll still have the Heat Miser look in the morning, but two out of three ain't bad.

Jo said...

Oh, and one last thing: You might want to reconsider the taking-it-closer-to-the-head-on-the-sides thing.

I tried that once and ended up looking suspiciously like Lyle Lovett. Good look for him; not so much for me.

Robo said...

Oooo very chic! I like it, but I agree with you that some of the volume could be pared down. I don't know if you want to go Posh Pixie length (not with the bangs). As someone with straight/slightly wavy hair, I have no curly hair advice though...sorry :(

Anonymous said...

I liked your hair before but it looks fabulous now. The shot of the back of your head is gorgeous. What would it be like to reach up and feel those corkscrew curls?!? I'll never know 'cause my hair hangs like seaweed. I also feel cautious of taking in the sides any more for fear of "Lyle Lovett hair" as stated by Jo. It really is a beautiful hairstyle.
And CURSE YOU for posting the Heat Miser photo! I'm going to be singing that song in my head for weeks :)
Carolyn in Utah

Maravonda said...

I really like your haircut...mine is stick straight and your full curly-ish look is tres chic! And the scarf with your haircolor is great! So glad to have found your blog, via une femme something something of a certain age.

tellicherry said...

You look fabulous!