Monday, January 5, 2009


Things have been pretty nutty around here. My schedule is off, my diet has been disastrous, my routine has gone to hell -- I'm just generally feeling skewed and off-kilter. I decided I might feel better about this if I could find some beautiful things that echoed my internal state -- a reminder that off-kilter isn't necessarily bad. And boy, did I. (As usual, click for links!)

Yumminess from Alberta Ferretti. You couldn't not be the most elegant woman in the room in this dress.

7 for all Mankind Asymmetrical Ruffled Top

Pretty! And what a great surprise under a jacket.

From myboyfriendAlexander McQueen. If this weren't black (I have MORE than enough LBDs, thankyouverymuch) I'd be seriously tempted by it.

Robert Rodriguez Twist-Front Silk Top
This color electrifies me -- so gorgeous.

I always love Missoni, and I love that you could wear this to the office or out to dinner (or both) and look fabulous & perfect either way.

It's been pretty cold & dreary here the last couple of days. I think a cute pink coat would cheer me right up.

Oh, Mr. Kors! You shouldn't have! Seriously -- this is like a punch in the stomach, it's so gorgeous.)

Galliano + sparkly + pink charmeuse = perfect party dress.

All right. I feel a little better about my off-kilter-tude now. See? Shopping makes everything better!

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Deja Pseu said...

Love that pink pretty!!

Jen said...

So as I was nosing through my Brother-in-Law's family furniture warehouse I saw a chair that made me think of you. You'd either love it, or hate it. Purple patent croc-embossed leather seat and back, with a brown distressed leather purple and pink paisley embossed arms. It was astonishing, off-kilter, a little Texas and a lot glam.

StyleSpy said...

Jen -- while I do firmly believe there is a place in the world for purple croc-embossed patent leather, I think it's on my feet or around my waist or over my shoulder -- not on my furniture. You know who would love that chair, I'll bet? His Purple Majesty Prince Rogers Nelson.

vee said...

Oh, StyleSpy. You have impeccable taste! That Robert Rodriguez top is sublime (not a word I use easily). I wasn't feeling off-kilter, but for that top I can get there fast!

Caroline said...

oooooh... so much loveliness! I'll take the missoni, please :)

Belle de Ville said...

The Robert Rodriguez is perfect!

Duchesse said...

Delightful, I hope you pick one and get your off kilter on!