Sunday, January 28, 2007

It Might Be Love

Yesterday I tried on this dress:

It's by Christiane Celle, and I tried it on at By George here in Austin, aided by the lovely Laura Lee. The dress is made of a thin, crisp dupioni silk that has a lovely, gentle rustling sound and would be absolutely perfect in the brutal Austin summer heat. The one I tried on is a beautiful pale green, somewhere between spring & celery, which I thought was going to be too light a color for me but actually worked pretty well. Those sash bits that are wrapped around the middle & tied are actually about five feet long, and there are a couple of cleverly installed loops and slits that provide for several different tying variations. Laura Lee wrapped me up like a pretty little present a couple of different ways. I think I could even put a lightweight, long-sleeved tee underneath it & wear it with my chocolate brown boots before it gets terribly warm. I'm really smitten with this garment -- I imagine wearing it weekly during the warm months, and look at it -- it's never going to go out of style. At $235, it's not horrendously expensive, but I don't have any wiggle room in the budget right now and here's the Want Monster chewing on me.

Sigh. Guess I have some re-budgeting to do.

(By the way, for a wonderfully pleasant shopping experience, I heartily recommend By George. The space is beautiful, the clothes are fantastic, and the staff is fabulous -- inspirationally well-dressed, helpful, and terribly sweet. They really know their stuff.)

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