Tuesday, January 30, 2007

We Have Our Own Table in the Cafeteria

I'm an utter dork. I admit it. That loud noise you may have heard earlier today was me completely geeking out as I opened my mail. Why the Fashion Geek squee? Because I received my ticket to Balenciaga and the Transformation of 20th Century Fashion, a symposium being held at Southern Methodist University in Dallas in conjunction with Balenciaga and His Legacy, a collection of the coutourier's work that will be shown at the Meadows Museum.

(I would wear this dress, and I would rock this dress.)

Yes. A whole day of sitting in a lecture hall listening to folks give talks about a clothing designer. Lordy, I am squirming in anticipation. I described the event for a male friend, who listened with a polite smile and slightly glassy eyes and then said, "That sounds like fun. For you."

I know I'm a geek. I know that driving 200 miles to listen to a day of fashion lectures is roughly the Fashionista equivalent of building your own Stormtrooper costume so you can march in a platoon at the Rose Parade. I'm no better than any Gandalf-worshipping 15 year-old playing weekend-long games of Dungeons & Dragons.

Just better dressed.

But for pete's sake -- Harold Koda!! And Pamela Golbin, the woman who edited this gorgeous book, which accompanied the exhibit at the Musée de la Mode et du Textile in Paris:

(My wonderful friend and fellow Fashion Geek Barbara gave me this book for Christmas. It's my Happy Place. When I'm stressed out, I can retire to its pages and imagine myself a Balenciaga client circa 1968, being led into the Blue Salon for my fitting.)

At any rate, all the lecturing and Q&A-ing culminates in a reception and tour of the exhibit itself. (Again, squee-ing and squirming.) I doubt they'll let me take pictures, but don't worry. I'll tell you aaaaaall about it.

dress photo: Metropolitan Museum of Art

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