Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Pulling It Off

These are my Pucci boots:

I adore these boots. I love them beyond reason. They are made of patterned lycra fabric that is stretched over a pair of satin pumps; a sort of ingenious boot/sock hybrid. They are a tiny bit uncomfortable, and not all that easy to walk in (I think it’s something about the shape of the heel – it’s a bit underslung). They are also noisy – there is a thin metal strip that runs vertically down the back of the heel that says “Emilio Pucci” and makes this sort of ringing, clacking noise every time the heel hits the pavement:

All that being said, I don’t care. I love them. They make me happy.

Now, somewhere in the world other people are buying Pucci boots like these, but so far none of those people have crossed my path. Judging from the responses I usually get from others when I wear them, they’re not crossing other peoples’ paths all that often, either. My Pucci boots are greeted with gasps of shocked delight wherever I go. Men have literally dropped to their knees before me, looked up into my face and asked in reverent tones, “Can I touch them?” (This last is an amount of power it is not healthy for a personality like mine to possess, incidentally.)

Of course, not everyone gets the Pucci boots. Some people are downright put off by the Pucci boots. I have one friend who seemed positively affronted by the Pucci boots the first time she saw them. She had the good grace not to say anything, but nothing could disguise the look that flashed across her face. She is a lovely person with many sterling qualities, so I forgive her, but she does not like the Pucci boots.

So. Most people love the Pucci boots. No one else wears them. And here is the comment that they invariably elicit from at least one woman every time I wear them:

“Oh, I love those, but I could never pull them off.”

Variations on this theme include:
"Oh, I just love the way you dress, but I could never get away with it."
"You wear the greatest clothes, but they'd look ridiculous on me."

I'd like for people to stop saying these things to me. For one, while I know full well that I am a bit of a fashion exhibitionist, I'm not exactly running around in this:

(Christian Dior Couture F/W 06, Mr. Galliano you are a genius)

(Although you can bet that if I ever have the means/occasion to do so I'm going to be pretty damned excited.)

No, there is a larger problem here. It baffles me. I mean, why on earth couldn't you pull it off? I'm not magic, I'm not even beyond-average good-looking. I don't have a Fashion Fairy Godmother. (But the post is open if you're interested, Mr. McQueen.) The only thing that seems to separate me from the non-Pucci-booters is my willingness to put the damn things on. So right here in my very first entry of my brand new blog, we're going to crack the code. This is the Big Secret to Pulling It Off, in Three Easy Steps:

1. Put it on. ("it" being fabulous item of clothing or accessory)
2. Look in mirror. Like it.
3. Walk out the door.


Smile. Hold your head high. Congratulations. You're Pulling It Off.

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Patty said...

I love this post! I got some all-weather boots like this a couple of years ago, and adored them, but they were too small, and I couldn't get some from Zappos in my size. There was much wailing here. :)

Sian said...

Waaaahhh!!!! I wanted to be your first comment. Oh well. Love your first blog entry, am looking forward to more!



dissed said...

I love The Boots. I would wear The Boots. Even I, the Fashion Challenged, would Wear Those Boots. I would wear the hell out of those boots.

Trina said...

As always, you are a font of wisdom! I think I could pull off a number of things, I'm just too lazy to try :~D

Milk Bone

red-queen said...

I have always adored your Pucci boots, from the first time you posted a photo on MUA. I would wear them in a heartbeat, if I thought I wouldn't break an ankle. Somehow they just wouldn't be the same with a lower, wedgie heel...

Nice blog, I hope you will keep writing!



ravenrose said...

I used to feel that way about hats. But I did just what you said, and it worked! Now my Essential Self has a hat all her own.

Good luck with the blog! *hug*

StyleSpy said...

Oh, ravenrose, that makes me deeply happy. The world needs more hats. (Actually, the world needs more people willing to wear hats.) I salute you and your millinery!

Anonymous said...

I'd rock the hell out of those boots...If you EVER get sick of the compliments/comments and they're a size 7...I'll gladly take them off your hands!!!

Stori Lundi said...

I'm jealous and I hate you for finding boots that fabulous. May you continue to be the envy of women everywhere!!

rockmara said...

Whoo! From the pic of the fabulous dress with which you chose to wear them, I can also tell that you are wearing the boots; the boots are NOT wearing you. They wouldn't dare.

(Do watch out, however, for the underslung heel. It can take you from street style fabulous to emergency room horizontal faster than you can say "beauty is pain", and no, I won't share how I know b/c clearly you are beyond sharp enough to guess...)

Rock on!

elke said...

Thanks for turning me on to your blog!
BTW, I have a new found love of hats and have had the "I could never pull it off" comments. Great suggestions! Just own it!