Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Pucci Boots Practicum

So, someone wants to know, what the heck do you wear with the Pucci boots? And that is a valid question, certainly.

The short answer is, something very simple.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am a shoe freak. A shoe ho, when it comes down to it. An absolute stone sucker for the Fabulous Footwear. I appreciate shoes as works of art that you can wear; I love them for their adorable, complicated, beautiful selves (the same way we should all be loved, non?). The wonderful little secret about a fab pair of shoes, however, is that they can make anything look good. So when you have something as aggressively fab as the Pucci boots, you can wear something very simple, very basic, very plain -- and you still look like several millions of dollars.

I usually go with black, or black and white. The last time I wore them, it was with this:

Gorgeous wool jersey little Catherine Malandrino number. This is one of those dresses that is a little "meh" on the hanger, but once you get it on your body you never want to take it off. The lovely wide cowl neck is especially flattering to a small-busted gal like me. That gathered bit in the middle hides a multitude of sins. And the skirt is a lovely, full, swingy A-line. It swirls when I walk. Beautiful.

I've also worn those boots with a simple black jersey skirt and a tailored white blouse, or a navy-blue knit dress. I think there's extra kick in wearing something very subdued & even modest with boots that are so out & out sexy. The point is, gorgeous-but-busy shoes call for simple clothing. You can't compete with the Pucci boots, don't even try.

Important Style Clue: When ensemble-ing any ensemble, pick a focal point. One focal point. Then dress around it.

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Anonymous said...

SSpy I enjoyed the fashion here very much. Could you dicuss dressing for a short gal of normal weight? Sure you could. My item is not shoes but my Dallas Jacket,dudette that jacket gets me the most comments from men okay women as well.People love to stroke my fringes. Who knew? Good luck with the blogging ...K.A.H.