Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Style Spy Picks Your Brains

Blue jeans. You love 'em, you hate 'em, you need 'em... And I'm not sure there's another single item in my closet that gives me more trouble. Quick! Name all the things you'd rather do than shop for jeans! My list includes household tasks involving the litter box, various medical procedures, and blind dates. No one likes to shop for jeans. But we can help each other.

Style Spy would like to compile a style database -- a style-base, if you will -- of jeans. I'd like to gather up information from everyone near & far about what kind of jeans they like. Post a comment listing:
1. the brand/style name
2. approximate cost
3. figure type you think they're good for (pear-shaped, petite,etc.)
4. where you can buy them, to the best of your knowledge
5. any other pertinent stuff you think we should know

Please note: this activity is NOT limited to females! If you're a guy who cares how he looks from behind, get in on this!!

You get extra points if they're available at most suburban malls and cost under 80 bucks. You lose points if they are custom-made by lavender-winged fairies in a New York City workshop and retail for the price of a used Subaru.

I'll compile all this data into... something (I'm still figuring out this blog business, give me some time) and make it available to the whole wide world on the blog. In the meantime, if you do have to undergo the torture that is shopping for jeans, take some comfort in knowing that your pain can benefit others by aiding in our research. A million denim-clad butts will thank you.

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Anonymous said...

I prefer Bongo Jeans. The material is think, which is very important. They fit well at the hips and flare at the bottom, but not too much flare, if you know what I mean. They stay in great shape forever! They are readily available at the mall and are relatively inexpensive jeans. Keep up the research, you are on to something, here. :) - Holly

msjustine2u said...

I love your blog....great humor, great writing, great fun. Still, I hesitate to leave this remark because the jeans are pricey. Note that I buy one, countem' ONE pair of jeans per year, so price doesn't matter to me too much.

They are straight legged Citizens of Humanity "Avedon" jeans, about $145 at Nordies.

Dark wash, with no fading or whiskering. Somewhat low rise, but nothing terrible.

You don't need super skinny thighs to wear these jeans and if you size up they don't give you a muffin top either. They have a body conscious fit withut being painted on. The dark rinse is slimming and dressy. They flatter what you've got.

I get compliments on them from a wide variety of people every single time I wear it any wonder I love them?

Anonymous said...

Gap Flare jeans, though I wish they had a bit less "give."

I'm VERY pear-shaped, heaviest right at the hip/thigh juncture, and they have fit me before/after baby and across three sizes. About 70 bucks or less.

StyleSpy said...

Speaking of "give" -- lately I've had a few friends complain about too much lycra in their jeans. They seem to feel it causes bagging & stretching out. One of my friends is now on the hunt for good, stretch-free jeans. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Stephanie said...

I like GAP jeans. I have dark wash boot leg for "dress" jeans and the boyfriend wide leg for relaxing. The boot leg have some stretch, the wide leg do not. One problem I have is that the regular is too long and the short is too short. I buy the regular, and my boot legs I wear only with heels and the wide legs I trim to wear with sneakers.

And since they are only $50 and there's a GAP on every corner it's easy to replace them. I hate jeans shopping, too. I hate most clothes shopping, actually.

My husband wears Lucky jeans. I have no idea what they cost or where he buys them, but they look great on him. He's the clothes shopper, not me. (His dad used to work at Nordstrom and gets 30% off--and gives us that discount when we shop with him. Unfortunately his dad is also an ass and we hate shopping with him unless we really, really have to.)

Love the blog. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

I like Gap jeans (men's). I wear Loose or Relaxed fit. However, in the last year or two I have become very disenchanted with the Gap jeans styles. They're catering too much to fashion trends and the Gen-X crowd. The look of the jeans is too Gen-X and the flare of the legs of the jeans may be the "in" thing, but it's not what I like or want.

abi said...

i'm narrow-hipped and muscular-legged. i like my jeans to fit like gloves but still allow me to move about. i get annoyed with *most* stretchy jeans (badass pair of david bitten buffalo jeans found at buffalo exchange are a marked exception). gap's got good jeans, just make sure the label doesn't say "stretch" on it - try their multiple body types for fit. avoid ultra low rise: you'll show your ass, no doubt about it (plain old low rise tends to be fine, though). american eagle outfitters "hipster" jeans (non-stretch) ain't bad. they've got a bit of a bootleg, sit low on the hip, but cover the hiney, and aren't all tight at the knee like so many mall-jeans are. i have two pairs.

rockmara said...

You may not believe it w/all the ruckus in the recent Wall Street Press, but ...

Four words. GAP. Reverse fit. Long.