Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Perfume Moment -- January 9

What I'm wearing today:

(Re-named Metalys after a lawsuit with -- you guessed it -- the band. Why Lars Ullrich thinks anyone would confuse him with a bottle of perfume is beyond me, but those guys have a history of being litigious.)

What I feel I should be wearing with it:

(Bill Blass Spring '07)

I just now discovered this stuff. Someone (I don't know who, but bless you) sent me a sample. I dabbed some on this morning and rearranged all my perfume plans for the day. Last time I was in Paris Sian bought a bottle while she & Caro & I were on Le Grand Sniff Part Deux (tm). I smelled it on her and remember thinking it was nice but not falling in love, but perhaps my nose was fatigued. (We'd already snorted half the 'fumes in Paris by that time.)

This is very soft and powdery. (What is with me & the powdery stuff lately?) I would also like to file a Formal Complaint with the PTB at Guerlain about what a bad name Metalys is for this fragrance. This is neither metallic nor lily-like. ("Lys" is the French word for lily.) The official notes include carnation, ylang-ylang, orange blossom, rose, iris, tonka bean, vanilla, amber. Now, my nose is only about a green belt (compared to a lot of the black belts on the MakeUp Alley Fragrance Board) and so mostly what I'm getting is the carnation (a note I always adore, with its anise-y/cinnamon-y spiciness) and that lovely, dirtied-up vanilla that is the base of the famous Guerlainade. I don't like sweet vanillas, I don't want to smell like a cupcake, I am extremely unlikely to ever wear anything with "Sugar" in its name. But this is how you should handle vanilla in a perfume -- it just makes it warm and... desirable. Oh it's pretty, oh it's femme, oh it's wonderful!

Dangit. Guess this means another trip to Paris...

What fragrance are you wearing today? And what outfit goes with it?

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msjustine2u said...

Today I am wearing my own recipe of Le labo Labdamun (sp?) with some musky vanilla, and because I like it a little dirty, some MKK. I smell fabulous. I'm wearing 7s, with a green military-ish sweater and green suede heels.

This weekend I thought of your boots, and "pulling off" a look. I wore a pair of brown/cream/tan argyle tights with a jean mini, plain brown sweater and brown heels (not esp. high). I style checked it with a friend who loved it ("fun. a little out there, but cute. love it") Had it not been for your blog I wouldn't have pulled it all together with such confidence. So, thank you!

StyleSpy said...

Wow. That is some advanced perfume-ing. You go, girl!!

I love the sound of that outfit and I'm thrilled to hear you found a little inspiration here. You just made all the hours I spent figuring out how to post & link & whatnot worth it!! Thanks!!