Sunday, January 21, 2007

Style Spy Stakeout, January 22

This is Delaine, whom I met at a party about a week ago. She looked so fab I had to show her to you.

(click to enlarge)

I loved this dress because it was so Pucci-esque, and, as we all know, Style Spy loooooves her some Pucci! It was a great knit, so comfy and easy. I think we're going to be seeing more & more floor-length dresses that aren't formals. It's picking up on that sort of louche 70's vibe that folks like Gucci

(I haven't loved Frida Giannini so far, but I did like the bordering-on-disco vibe of this show.)

and Biba

were showing for S/S 2007.

Delaine went with silver accessories that were great -- the geometric quality of the necklace & hoops really played well against the design of the dress.

(I wish I had a better picture of the necklace, but people you've only met thirty minutes ago might not be comfortable if you stick your camera five inches away from their breasts.)

And simplicity is key with fabric like this, which is why the silver is good -- it functions as a neutral.

Good strappy silver sandals, and a very mod pedicure. (I'll have you know this woman has FIVE children -- all of them gorgeous, I saw the photos.) The whole look was really cool and effortless, I just loved it.

Now. Delaine is tall and willowy. If you are 5 feet nothing, I don't recommend this dress. If you are shaped like me (Pear. And not one of those cute, round rosy pears like in Cezanne's still lifes. No, one of those long, troublesome Bosc pears that have the very round bottoms, but the top part is so skinny the fruit breaks in half when you take a bite of it.) it's also probably not a great idea. But here are some alternatives:

Much fuller through the skirt, and therefore more forgiving:

(This would also be great with a strappy flat, if you're not a high-heel gal.)

Very similar vibe, but covered up enough on top that you could wear a Support Mechanism. (Always a good idea.)

Shorter lengths are easier to wear in a pattern if you are petite:

Plus, I can never resist a twirly, crystal-pleat skirt. Just make sure you are wearing the appropriate underthings if it's breezy. (Seriously, go buy a half-slip.)

A much milder version of the pattern, if the Pucci-ness (Pucciosity?) of it all is a bit too much for you:

Thoughts? Queries? I wanna hear 'em!

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elke said...

Love those long dresses! I guess I would like suggestions on where, or events, I could wear them to?

StyleSpy said...

I think they'd be fine to wear anywhere you'd consider dressing up a little -- a party, a wedding, an evening at the theater, dinner with your handsome hubby. I predict these will be everywhere come summer -- just be careful going up and down steps!

barbatia said...

I love those long dresses on other people,saw more than a few last summer. Makes me wonder what is up with Uli from Project Runway.

r sorrell said...

Ah, yes, the return of the Maxi dress. Love. There were a few at Athropologie I had my eye on last season, but I'm not sure I have the stature to pull them off.

elle said...

*Love* the print on Delaine's dress! I've fallen hard for most of the long dresses in that Gucci collection. Did you see the piece in Bazaar last fall featuring Giannini's home? Very cool.