Sunday, January 7, 2007

Sale Shoes on Sunday

Hey, check these out:

Cute, huh? I just ordered a pair myself. (I'm hoping they will satiate my desire for a pair of Vivier Belle du Jour buckle flats for a while.) (I know, probably not.) Talbots is having their semi-annual sale and they do really good shoes. I have several pairs from there, and I highly rec. The prices are very reasonable to begin with, but the sale prices are unbeatable. (Above shoe is 39 bucks.) High-quality leather, made in Italy, pretty true sizing, and an excellent return policy (no time limit, you can return a mail-order item to a retail outlet & save yourself the return shipping). Another interesting aspect to Talbots shoes is that they are almost always low-to-mid-height heels -- it's a great place to find pretty, feminine shoes that you won't teeter and slide in when you walk to the bathroom in that hip new restaurant that's decorated like a French bistro and therefore has tiled floors. (Yeah, that was me last night. I looked like a character from a sitcom: whoops-skid-recover-check to see if anyone's watching-toss hair nonchalantly. And I'd only had one drink, I swear! The floors were slippy!)

Flats-lovers are in good shape right now -- designers are showing a lot of them to go with the stovepipe pants (don't get me started) and full, structure-y skirts, like this:

(Behnaz Sarafpour Spring 07 -- SO cute!)

Now's the time to stock up. At any rate, if you are a person who appreciates a nice flat, hie thyself over to Talbots and check out the shoeses.

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Julie said...

Ooooh, and WIDE sizes!! Thanks for the tip!