Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Plus $600 or So for the Plane Ticket

If you were looking for a reason to visit London, I may have found it for you.

This is the Marks & Spencer Magicwear Slimming Dress. Yes, you read that right. This little critter has a special lining made out of support fabric that claims to tuck and hold and support and just generally make you look fabulous without the aid of additional Support Mechanisms. The company offers lots of marketing mumbo-jumbo about how it works, but the basic idea is that of a fashionable scuba suit that smooths all the bumpy bits.

We've seen this idea before in swimsuits, some rather scary-to-behold undergarments, even jeans. M&S seems to be taking it one step further and embarking on a whole line of these goodies, most of which seem to be sold-out on their website. This is frustrating but speaks well to the product. (Or just to the gullibility of women, hard to say.) If you're interested, check back periodically, if the stuff is selling this well you can be sure there will be re-stocks. I'm quite keen (in full-on Anglophile Mode now, somebody stop me!) to get a look at the pencil skirt, a successful version of which this pear-shaped gal has yet to find. The reviews are generally positive and the price is actually pretty reasonable. (Although bear in mind that thanks to the absolutely miserable current exchange rate, £69 is close to $140. I'm dying to get back to London, but I think there's slim hope of that until... well, let's not talk politics, shall we?)

M&S doesn't ship to the States, but if you've got a buddy in the UK who'd accept delivery & then forward it to you, you're golden. The return policy gives you a generous 90 days, which is plenty of time to make it back & forth across the pond.

Oy. I just said "across the pond." I do apologize.

(By the way, do remember that the UK uses a different sizing system than the US. It goes in the same increments, but UK sizes are generally one larger. That means if you wear a US size 10, you're probably a UK size 12.)

If anyone from the UK has tried one of these, I sure would love to get a first-hand report!

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rockmara said...

I thought it was the other way 'round - US size 12 = UK size 14 or 16?


elle said...

That dress actually looks quite attractive. Let us know if you hear more about the pencil skirt.

StyleSpy said...

rockmara -- you're right about the sizes, I've corrected it. Must proofread more carefully!

Sian said...

That dress had rave reviews in the British press - haven't tried it myself, but apparently it really does it's stuff.