Tuesday, January 2, 2007

You Gonna Wear That?

We all have them. The Fabulous Item you bought because it was so beautiful/stylish/on sale that you couldn't pass it up. And it's been sitting in your closet for approximately the life span of a sea turtle, neglected, possibly still tagged. Because while it is indeed a Fabulous Item, you don't know what the hell to wear it with.

It's okay. I can help.

Send Style Spy the details (& a pic if you can manage it) of your Fabulous Unwearable and we'll fix it. I'll help you figure out how to rotate that bad boy into your regular wardrobe -- when, how, & with what to wear it. (With the understanding, of course, that I'm probably going to post about it, but you can be as public or anonymous as you'd like -- we're all friends here.)

Bear in mind, I cannot help you with
1. Crocs
2. Velour sweat suits
3. Flip-flops
4. Blue jeans cut so low they require specialized personal grooming procedures
5. Anything with a cartoon character emblazoned upon it.

Some things I just can't get behind. You might as well find this out about me now...

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