Friday, February 13, 2009

Hearts & Flowers

I gotta tell ya -- any guy who sent me
this on Valentine's Day?

Is probably never going to see me again. Who
the hell came up with this brilliant idea that a stuffed toy is an appropriate expression of affection for an adult female???? Why not just get me a My Llttle Pony and be done with it? Oy, that grates my cheese.

Valentine's Day gifts in general tend to be pretty clichéd and are mostly designed so that men are let off the hook from thinking overmuch. Here's another one that leaves me pretty cold:

The guy who gives me heart-covered flannel pajamas? Has probably never seen me at bedtime. And probably never will. (Not that there is anything inherently wrong with flannel pajamas. But I personally eschew sleepwear. I'm just sayin'.)

Even this:

Yeah, whatever, nice & all, but honestly I don't find them all that exciting. Roses are not my favorite flowers to begin with and again -- how much thought does it take to come up with the thing that 99.5% of the population is giving as a gift that day? Honestly, I'd rather just have a big hug and a good kiss and a sincere, eye-contact-y "I love you" than this kinda phone-it-in gesture.

Ooooooon the other hand. The brilliant soul who shows up at my door with this on V-Day?

Oh, baby. That guy's getting lucky in at least two languages.

Whatever gifts or gestures you may receive on Valentine's Day this year, I hope they are as sincere and warm as my fondness and thanks to you for being my readers. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


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Deja Pseu said...

I've been drooling over those Valentino rose bags, but console myself with the fact that I'd probably ruin it within weeks. I agree with you about most Valentine's Day gifts, hokey at best. DH and I are giving each other a new dishwasher this year. Romantic, eh?

Jen said...

That purse is gorgeous! swoon.

I'm always content with a lovely dinner out with my sweetie for Valentine's Day. I don't need teddy bears (gak!), lingerie or jewelry (but I do love flowers), just quality time with the one I adore. And since we've got non-romantic plans with friends on Saturday, we're postponing our celebration until next weekend.

r sorrell said...

How funny... while I was doing my makeup this morning, I told my husband that if he'd ever given me something as stupid as a teddy bear or "pajamagram" (or a box of chocolate with a crappy heart-shaped pendant for just $99.99), that I probably would've dumped him.

We were going to see Ramsey Lewis at the Paramount, but he's having a root canal a 3 today and probably won't be up for it. :(

WendyB said...

Well, I HAVE to say that jewelry is the only proper way to display affection but I do kinda like stuffed animals. Except for the time my college boyfriend gave me a stuffed PIG for my birthday. A PIG!!!!! WTF!

Anonymous said...

EEK I don't even think my dog wants that teddy for V day. But if what I did get was inside it in it the small red box ...well then, it is a differnt matter isnt it?

Tip : never hate any gift HE gives to you as he will never give you another. But next time hint him in the right direction. LOL Katie

Joann said...

Can't wait to see pitures of fashion week.

CGHill said...

While I have to agree with you on the (f)utility of sleepwear generally, those flannels aren't all that horrible, are they?