Thursday, February 5, 2009

Okay, Everyone Just Simmer Down, Now...

Whoooooooa, nelly! Okay, then, most of your really, really don't like the baggy pants. Some of you got downright exercised about it. Yikes. Calm down, now. Take a deep breath and let me show you some things to hopefully erase them from your memories. (Click hypertext for links.)

This pretty thing is on sale for $60!!!

Ay, caramba! They are to die!! And they are on sale!!!

I have this in black. It is bliss. (Be aware -- this runs very small.)

Warm up those pretty little hands of yours with dramatic long black gloves. Statement-y.

Diane von Furstenberg Suede Pharaoh High Heel Boot

I want these so much I'm making myself a little uncomfortable. They also come in red. And chocolate brown. Oh, lord...

Leopoldo Giordano Folded Ornament Wedge

Oh, these are wonderful. Just wonderful. Also? They are 70% off.

ADAM Dropped Sleeve Cowl Neck Top

What a pretty blouse. It also comes in steel gray, but who can resist that blue?

Kenneth Jay Lane Star Ring

I'm getting this. I don't care. It's $24 and it's ADORABLE.

Trina Turk Phyllis Sweater Dress

Love. Love lovety lovelovelove. And less than 90 bucks. More love. Okay. Everyone feeling a little better now?

By the way, is having a wicked good sale. Check it out.

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littlemissme said...

Oh my heavens, those wedges are to diiiiiiiiiiiiiie for.