Thursday, February 19, 2009

Weird Like I Like It

I love Jonathan Saunders. Lovelovelove him. Jonathan Saunders is the man who made this dress

Fall 2007

which happens to be one of my favorite dresses ever. I think that is magnificent, and someone should have worn it down the red carpet at an awards show somewhere, but no one ever will. 'Cause it's just a little too weird. But it's good weird, as far as I'm concerned. Very, very good.

Saunders is known for his color sense and his prints. He has worked for Pucci, the King Hell Fashion House of Prints, as well as Alexander McQueen, and he's recently taken over design duties at Pollini.
I look at Saunders' shows in order to get a jolt of color, or get lost in a pattern I've never seen before. He rarely disappoints. (Well, there was Spring 08, but I don't hold the non-colors against him because the Clothes. Were. So. Fabulous.)

Saunders designs his prints individually -- he doesn't just make a print to apply it to a bolt of cloth, he works each print for the specific garment it's intended for. So you get things like this

Which makes me insane. Just insane.

Black & white version of that print -- still gorgeous.

All the dresses were either way too short for grownups or to the floor, but still -- I just love the fabric and the geometric silhouette. I know this won't be for everyone, but I really dig it.

Mentally erase the black skullcap from the picture and imagine your favorite Hollywood actress swanning down the red carpet in that. Oh, Cate Blanchett would rock that dress.

The shoulder was the big deal in this show, and I must admit, sometimes Saunders got a little carried away.

But I will always prefer someone who overshoots a little to someone who bores me.

A little weird, yeah, okay, but certainly not boring. We're bordering on Flash Gordon here, I know, but I'm definitely intrigued by the possibilities of the silhouette.

Far out as this is, I honestly think I could make it work. First and again, lose the skullcap. Second, put pants on instead of just tights, because let's face it folks -- that's not a dress. That's a tunic at best. But I think with a pair of narrow trousers and some good shoes, I think it could be kinda great. Maybe even leave it unzipped to make it a jacket rather than a top. But I have a soft spot for this one, I like the scrunchiness of those big shoulders, they look almost like a big soft shawl wrapped around her.

Still plowing through all the shows. A lot of things that are nice, some things that are great; keep tuning in & I'll show you some more!


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Anonymous said...

I am not sure if he is a artist or designer first that works on fabric or the reverse.But after being hit by the black orange & red first thing in the AM ! I am stunned. Very provocative isn't he. I am so not sure if I like or no! He has a kids from NYC look about his art and he seems to be reigning that in here. What happens when he lets it all go ?I will wait for him to resolve it,as he has much more talent than he is showing. Does he do pret a port? Katie

Plumcake said...

I should have KNOWN it was one of your favorites, because it was one of mine. God I would wear that dress and never stop and I don't care that I'd look as big as a house, I'd be the best damn house on the block.

spell me said...

Wow! I love it, all of it!!! Even the few that I think are not really wearable are amazing to look at. I looked at the Spring 2008 stuff and loved all that, too! Just Wow! Thanks for showing me.

Claudia said...

That top one is just dynamite. I like the rest too, but the first is totally in a league of its own.