Tuesday, February 3, 2009

An Obvious Lack of Female Copywriters

Okay, so I'm watching television Thursday evening and I see an advertisement for this little gizmo:

It's an under-the-bed shoe organizer. A perfectly serviceable idea -- a good idea, even, in some circumstances. But I noticed -- hey, there's only twelve pockets in that thing. That's only going to hold twelve pairs of shoes!

But, wait, there's more! the announcer informed me, and went on to explain that if you ordered now, you would receive TWO storage units for the price of one!
"Use one for fall and winter shoes and the other for spring and summer!" the announcer urged me. "Enough storage for ALL your shoes!"


::redhead wipes tears from the corners of her eyes::

Oh, jeez, that's a good one...

Photo: carolwrightgifts.com

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Duchesse said...

Why don't they show them stacking- at least three levels?

Anonymous said...

You know, I was talking to a male friend recently and saying something like, "I don't have that many pairs of shoes..." Then I started counting them in my head.

Anonymous said...


I have a (relatively) strict "in and out" rule--if I bring something new into the closet, something old (or unloved) needs to leave. I have the hardest time with this rule when it comes to shoes. I keep thinking. . ."so what if they're not in style and haven't been for years. . .they'll come back, maybe. . ." Sigh. So hard to let the lovely things go. . .

Anonymous said...

Ah golly we do not have that advert in Canada. They must mean a weeks worth of shoes or half a week. Okay sometimes a days worth of shoes it could hold( I change a lot) I am storing mine in a huge dresser as I want to pull it out and see drawers of shoes only shoes. OH what a ugly thing for our leather babies Katie